Run one file or map in phpunit

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I’m using laravel and I’ve written some test files. But how can I exec only one file? When I do for example: phpunit tests/resulttesting/school/deleteSchoolForRealTest It throws an error:

Cannot open file “tests/resulttesting/school/deleteSchoolForRealTest.php”.

When I run phpunit it runs all my tests. And how can I exec only one folder? I’m on a mac.


You are doing everything correctly.

1) First way to add folder. My correct way was:

phpunit tests/EWalletTest

I had same errors when I forget to start from “tests” folder

phpunit EWalletTest

I got

Cannot open file “EWalletTest.php”.

2) Filter is another option. read here example:

phpunit --filter EWallet

Only runs tests whose name matches the given regular expression pattern.

Meaning that you will have executed files EWalletTest and EWalletFooTest and test cases from other filee with names like `test_EWallet_with_Australian_dollar.

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