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postUpdate, postRemove, postPersist – is the data in the database yet?

For the purposes of the question I’ll ask about postUpdate but I’m assuming they’re all analogous. If I fetch an existing entity, modify it, and then flush, then I can subscribe to a postUpdate event about this. At the point that this event fires, is the data actually in the database yet? Or there a tiny amount of time in between the event firing and the data actually being saved still?

The docs seem to clearly say that

The postUpdate event occurs after the database update operations to entity data

so from that I’d assume the former.

But I’m encountering a problem similar to Symfony 2 postUpdate executed before data is stored – where the answer suggests that it’s because during a postUpdate event the data is not actually fully saved yet, and that’s what the postFlush event is for instead.

Can someone confirm either way please?



That behaviour occurs because all post* events are triggered inside transaction block (expect postFlush), so the datas are actually in the database already but they are in transaction which is not yet commited.

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