PHP Namespace 5.3 and WordPress Widget

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I am using namespaces.

I try to create a WordPress widget (

With namespaces the following gives an error because the arguments can not be passed (and without namespaces it obviously works like usual)

 namespace abc;
 class whatever extends WP_Widget {
   function whatever() {
     parent::WP_Widget('name1', 'name2');
 // .. other functions left out
 create_function('', 'return register_widget("abcwhatever");'));

uhm… what is the correct syntax for ‘parent::WP_Widget’ using namespaces?

(the COMPLETE error message is:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for WP_Widget::__construct(), called in 
C:xampphtdocswp2wp-includeswidgets.php on line 324 and defined in 
C:xampphtdocswp2wp-includeswidgets.php on line 93


And the debugger shows nothing has been passed:

Variables in local scope (#14)
$control_options = Undefined
$id_base = boolean false 
$name = Undefined
$widget_options =  Undefined

(only the $name is required)


It seems to me your problem is not in the namespaces, the following code works like a charm:

namespace Foo;

class Bar {
    function __construct( $foo ) {
        echo "$foon";

namespace FooBar;

class Foo extends FooBar {
    function __construct( ) {
        parent::__construct( "This should work." );

$foo = new FooBarFoo( );

If you get an error message, it might be helpful to state what it says.

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