How to pass boolean values from Blade to Vue Component Laravel 7?

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I’m trying to implement IF condition with true/false or 1/0 in Vue Component. I go through some earlier asked questions but not able to get it. Please help me out.

IF condition not gives true output even if dd gives true.

Controller (I tried with two ways so that either I may got success with true/false or 1/0, In both methods on page I’m able to get 1/0 or true/false with dd($isExamAssigned)):

    dd($isExamAssigned); // here I'm able to get 1 or 0


   :isExamAssigned = "{{$isExamAssigned}}"

code part from Component.vue:




            isExamAssigned :this.isExamAssigned,


and here is the IF condition:

<div v-if="isExamAssigned === '1'">

                        <!-- Code here for IF -->


                    <div v-else>

                        <!-- Code here for ELSE -->


I tried different ways to get the values, like:

<div v-if="isExamAssigned === 1">

<div v-if="isExamAssigned === true">

<div v-if="isExamAssigned">

but Im not able to implement condition.



You are setting it to string value of '1' in the vue component. Later you are strict comparing it to an integer, boolean and boolean again. The most correct approach would be to set it to a real boolean like so. The second approach you had would work.

$isExamAssigned = DB::table('quiz_user')->where('user_id', $authUser)->where('quiz_id', $quizId)->exists();

Now PHP type juggles weird, if you print out $isExamAssigned it will print out 1. You can try with {{true}} and see the result yourself. To avoid this, do the following check in your blade file when setting the component.

:isExamAssigned = "{{$isExamAssigned ? 'true' : 'false'}}"

This will make the following if statements work.

<div v-if="isExamAssigned === true">

<div v-if="isExamAssigned">

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