How to debug Laravel framework?

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I’m a newbie PHP programmer now casting an eye at frameworks, and among them Laravel sounds appealing to me as a beginner (somehow unfortunately because I’ve already invested in literature on Zend 2). However, debugging is important to me and from what I could find on the net, Laravel is hard to debug. I currently use Xdebug in Netbeans on native PHP code and wonder whether Laravel can be debugged in the same or a similar way? When I open a new Netbeans project I can select Symfony 2 or Zend 2, but there seems to be indeed no support for other frameworks like Laravel? If not, is there at least an equivalent debugging tool?


Laravel has its own debugging system.You can use built in dd() function.And there are several packages that can be used to debug laravel projects.Here are some links and hope that it will be helpful for you.


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