How can send entire php array values on button click?

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I want to send entire array information by the button click event, basically I store all information in the session send it on button, the problem is that just one value of array sent from session array not the whole array. I don’t know how can I do it? When I print the $WhatsApp_info it print complete array which item store in session but when I send on button one item information are sent.

foreach($_SESSION["WhatsApp_cart"] as $values){  


    $link = ''.$phone.'?text='.$txt_final.' 
    '.$WhatsApp_json.' ';


Make sure you don’t overwrite your array in your loop. Create a new entry using the empty bracket methode.

$WhatsApp_info = [];
foreach($_SESSION["WhatsApp_cart"] as $values)
    // Add to info instead of overwriting it.
    $WhatsApp_info[] = [
        'WhatsApp_name' => $values[0], 
        'WhatsApp_price' => $values[1], 
        'WhatsApp_quantity' => $values[2],
$WhatsApp_json = json_encode($WhatsApp_info);
$link = '' . $phone . '?text=' . $txt_final . ' ' . $WhatsApp_json . ' ';

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