Error after upgrading to Symfony 5.3 and updading flex recipes (symfony:recipes:install –force)

Trying to perform a “minor” version upgrade (5.2 to 5.3) on a fresh/clean symfony 5.2 project (i.e. composer create-project symfony/website-skeleton:"5.2.*" s5test)

Then i just add a home page for testing purposes (

In composer.json: I changed all instances of 5.2.* to 5.3.*: “symfony/…”: “5.2.” to “symfony/…”: “5.3.” “symfony/…”: “^5.2 to “symfony/…”: “^5.3”, etc.

I then execute composer update "symfony/*" --with-all-dependencies] which runs ok.

To complete the upgrade I need to update the flex recipes for six packages:

  • symfony/routing
  • symfony/security-bundle
  • symfony/translation

all install ok.

But after installing the symfony/console recipe (composer recipes:install symfony/console --force -v), I try running composer update and the cache:clear part of the update fails with the error:

Executing script cache:clear [KO] [KO] Script cache:clear returned with error code 255 !! Script @auto-scripts was called via post-update-cmd

And after updating the flex recipe for symfony/framework-bundle (composer recipes:install symfony/framework-bundle --force -v) I get an blank page when trying to access the application and nothing at var/log/dev.log



You should install the symfony/runtime component.

After updating the symfony/console flex recipe you should get an error message similar to this:

enter image description here

Which explains what you need to do:

composer require symfony/runtime

Install that component and you should be mostly good to go.

If you encounter additional issues, pay close attention to the error messages.

Additionally, I’d try to run PHP with a more verbose error reporting level while developing/updating, since apparently you are not getting any useful feedback from the application.

Source: stackoverflow