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Convert an array to string using PHP

Still new in PHP and I am trying to convert an array to string in my code below:

$totalProfitsArray = print_r($profits['totalProfit']);

If I echo the $totalProfitsArray variable above i get this result:

Array ( [0] => Array ( [count] => 44.35 ) )  

which is fine but i want to echo only the 44.35 value. So i tried to use the implode method like this:

implode("", $totalProfitsArray);

but still didn’t work and i get this error:

implode(): Invalid arguments passed

What I am doing wrong? Is there any other easy way to convert the array in string and print the result?



you are getting value in another array like this

$arr = array(array('count' => 44.35));

to get the inner value you have to access it like this:

$totalProfitsArray = $profits['totalProfit'][0]['count'];
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