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CodeIgniter call_hook(‘post_controller_constructor’) exits

I have inherited a webapp using CodeIgniter I am trying to get it to run locally on my mac

when I try to go to http://localhost ,i can see via the debug logs i connect ok to the db but when i get to this line in the file CodeIgniter.php it just stops. I see the first error_log, but then nothing

error_log("(".__LINE__.") ".__FILE__." -->".__METHOD__." n");
error_log("(".__LINE__.") ".__FILE__." -->".__METHOD__." n");

There is nothing in php_error.log

The browser says “This site can’t be reached”

I am a total noob to CodeIgniter

This code was ftp’d from a working server.

Would love any suggestions on how to debug this further


Maybe an error in your hooks that stop the execution?

Did you check those in the application/hooks folder?