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Why should we separate PHP from HTML

I’m rather new to programming and i know how to separate PHP from HTML, but i would like to know if there is any difference in doing this: compared to doing this: Is there any difference between in performance etc, between splitting the PHP code from the HTML code and just echoing the whole page in php? Answer The best

How to set a collation with mysqli?

My database uses utf8_czech_ci collation and I want to set it to my database connection too. Mysqli_set_charset won’t let me set collation, if I don’t happen to want the default one, utf8_general_ci. Here was suggested first to set the charset through mysqli_set_charset and then to set collation by SET NAMES. So I did it and connection collation is still utf8_general_ci.

Best way to store user’s avatars

I have a website where users each have their own profile page. Here they can upload a single image that acts as their avatar. This is the only image users can upload to the server across the whole …

“Delete row” button for MySQL in PHP

I have a table that becomes populated with data from a MySQL database, and each row receives its own delete button. I would like to have the option to delete each row separately with a delete button that deletes the corresponding row in the database. How would I go about doing so? Here’s the part of the code that I

$wpdb->insert not working. No Error Msg

Got the lower portion here sorted, but now there’s an issue when it inserts the record. I have the NULL value for file formatted as %s for string, but it’s not inserting NULL it’s inserting [BLOB – 0B]…

Selection option in php

I am working on a PHP quiz game and at the moment i am struggling a bit mixing php and html together as i have more previous experience in html. I have the following select option for quiz selection: I was told that this can be made with php code so that the new quizes are added onto it when

What’s the difference between ‘isset()’ and ‘!empty()’ in PHP?

I don’t understand the difference between isset() and !empty(). Because if a variable has been set, isn’t it the same as not being empty? Answer ISSET checks the variable to see if it has been set. In other words, it checks to see if the variable is any value except NULL or not assigned a value. ISSET returns TRUE if

get the last redirected url in curl php

Hi I know its a very common topic on StackOverFlow. I have already spent my entire week to search it out. I have a url : this further redirect to this url:{170D4F36-39F9-4C48-88EB-CFC8DDF1F531}&details_type=1&itemid={49F6A281-8735-4B74-A170-B6110AF6CC2D} I have made my effort to get the final url in my php code using Curl but can’t make it. here is my code: it gives

How to call PHP a class from parent namespace?

I have the following namespace structure with the following class files So in App.php I’ve declared in Startp.php declared in Plugin.php declared I see that I can call the Plugin.php class from the App.php like if it’s a child/grandchild namespace, but what if I want to call Process.php from Plugin.php, which is the parent namespace from the branch? Is there

How to output mysqli_fetch_field_direct?

I’m trying to convert this code from mysql to mysqli. But when I print it and open in excel file I got an error. Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in C:xampplitehtdocsapptext2.php on line 139 Can someone Teach me how to convert this code in mysqli correctly? And this the error line Answer